10 reasons coconut oil is rocking my minimalist world

By Samantha Papesch

Ahh, coconut oil.  Where have you been all my life?

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a voguish foodstuff to bring me such pleasure, but for the past four months it’s been championing simplicity for me, and fulfilling my minimalistic desires in oh, so many ways.

But, not in the place you might think.  Like the kitchen.

No, no, no.  This seductive natural extract is the hero of my everyday beauty routine.

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Taking time out for you, and why it’s beneficial for ‘them’

By Samantha Papesch

Anyone who’s heard the song ‘Hard to say I’m sorry’ by Chicago is unlikely to forget the opening line: 

“Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say, from each other.”

For me, this 80’s ballad is top of mind. 

I’ve taken a road trip for work, and as I write this, I’m perched in a hotel room located just a few hours away from home.  It’s nothing flash, just a standard space with the basic amenities. 

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Water bottles: reading into the message

By Samantha Papesch

“By 2050 it’s estimated that the weight of plastic in our oceans will exceed the weight of fish” ~ Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Last week I lost my favourite water bottle.  I was gutted.

When it happened, I was holidaying in Queensland with my family and friends on a warm and sunny afternoon.  We were at a theme park, and I was high on the excitement of the waterslides; playing in the pools with my kids, and having a really awesome time.

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