Kraft paper: the gift that keeps on giving

By Samantha Papesch

At Christmastime in 1917, a speciality store in Kansas City, U.S.A. ran out of red, white, green, and holly embellished tissue sheets (sold as gift wrap). 

The owners of the store were brothers, J.C. and Rollie Hall who improvised by bringing in French decorative ‘envelope lining paper’ from the manufacturing plant of their greeting cards.  It sold out so quickly they decided to produce their own sheets, and this marked the beginning of the modern-day gift wrap industry. 

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On finding your creativity

By Samantha Papesch

“If I waited for perfection I would never write a word” ~ Margaret Atwood

When I was a teenager, I unwittingly equated ‘being creative’ with ‘being an artist’.  In my high-school classes there were kids so talented I felt like an imposter.  I loved everything to do with art, but sadly, I felt I had no business being amongst such sublimely gifted individuals. Continue reading